Jaane Kyun De Yaaron

 Jaane Kyun De Yaaron

Cast : Kabir Bedi, Chetna Pande, Heena Panchal, Viju Khote

Director : Akshay Anand

Duration : 2 hours 11 minutes

Review :

The story revolves around 2 youngsters who are trying to make it big in Bollywood. They are rap signers

and are struggling it to make it to one of the top rap singers of Bollywood. But their life and struggle in

Bollywood lands them in some strange direction and that’s how the movie starts taking a rough turn.

Abhishek (Abhishek Sharma) and Raghu (Raghu Raja) are the two wannabe singers who are trying to

establish their foot in Bollywood with their rap singing. The duo are struggling quite hard and they are

ready to jam and expose their talent in front of anyone who is interested to hear their singing. The duo

have given numerous auditions in front of double minded producers, not so interested directors and

even quite strange financers. But nobody is helping them to begin their stint in Bollywood.

Anyhow they meet one of the tycoon millionaire person Shera (Kabir Bedi) and somehow the duo end

up saving his life. Now, Shera feels that he is indebted to these boys and thus he would go to any length

to help them. When Shera comes to know about their singing struggle in Bollywood then he decides to

help them. And thus he invites the singer duo to his place to sing at his adopted son’s marriage. Both the

boys who are completely exhausted after their singing failure sees this as a new opportunity and they

are completely geared up to sing at this huge function. They arrive at the function and deliver what they

were supposed to deliver and then leave quite satisfied from the event.

And this is where the events began to take a drastic turn. The boys were returning from the party but on

the road they are caught in some drunk driving case which is completely fake. The cop takes both the

boys to the police station and keep them locked there for the night. They are unable to do anything and

thus they end up spending their time there at the lock up only. This is not at all, at the arrest venue the

crooked inspector makes them sign wrong documents and arrests them on wrong charges. Both of them

are trying very hard to get out of this mess but thanks to the corruption in our system they are dragged

deeper and deeper into this. Millionaire Shera and some of their other contacts also are trying their level

best to help these people. But they are completely failing in this. One of the honest lawyer Ajay

Suryavanshi (Akshay Anand) is trying his best to challenge the corrupted system and help both these

guys but nothing seems to work in their favour. Completely tired the wannabe rap signers are trying

hard to get out of the false police case and that’s how the story moves ahead.

This is a hard tried comedy movie and by the later half the director realizes that the comedy is not

working and thus he tries to move his direction to thriller but that is also not working in his favour. Also,

the performances of almost every one in the movie is quite average or even below average. Kabir Bedi is

also unable to help the sinking plot of the movie. and majority of the reason for this boring movie goes

to the screenplay and the weak script of the movie.

Overall, a movie to be skipped easily. Don’t waste your time on this.

Rating – 1/5

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