Kuch Bheege Alfaz

 Kuch Bheege Alfaz

Cast : Zain Khan Durrani, Geetanjali Thapa, Aruna Pradhan, Saheb Bhattacharjee, Shray Rai Tiwari

Director : Onir

Duration : 1 Hour 56 Minutes

Story : A popular RJ of Kolkata and one of her female fan’s path crosses in one of the most strange ways.

The two keep chatting on the social media but will they ever fall in love? Or will the cupid leave them?

This is what the movie is all about?

Review : The story begins with a quirky young free spirited girl Archana who loves life and herself in

some of the strangest ways possible. She goes on to blind date with guys. But only with such guys who

doesn’t have a tinder picture in their profile just like she herself. She suffers from Leukoderma but

doesn’t want to hide her spots. She spots them openly and is one of those strange girls who draws

attraction and passion in her wounds. She is a bit strange but otherwise quite lovely.

Archana and the entire Kolkata is in love with a RJ Alfaaz whose poetry has made everyone his fan. The

RJ has got a quite melodious husky voice which is definitely a huge hit among the audience. Anyways

both of them get connected through a missed call. Post which there is exchange of some quirky

messages. And then they both keep on chatting through social media. They talk endlessly but are still

unable to figure out are they in love or not. Also, they don’t try to meet or see each other’s pictures.

Thus, the fan girl is completely unaware that she is dating or sort of dating her own hero.

The story is a bit slow but beautiful definitely. Also, there are many pleasurable surprise elements in the

movie which will make you smile a big one hearty smile. And not to forget the director has portrayed

Kolkata, it’s buzy life, open parks, dating spots and tram life in one of the most beautiful way. Overall,

the movie is a love at first sight.

Also, another important to be noted here is that many movies have been made on same angle but only

some of them have stood against the audience taste and box office reports. And this is the one which

will definitely stand against both of them. Also, the movie is like a wine which will taste better after

some time. This is one of the few movies which have successfully shown how social media romance

blooms. Or what are the exact feelings between a boy and a girl during this phone and online romance.

As per the performances of the lead actors are concerned, it is spot on. Zain Khan Durrani who is playing

the role of a RJ delivers a beautiful and brilliant performance in his debut movie. The boy has stole the

show and managed to keep up his caliber and performance in the entire movie. Moreover, the female

lead Geetanjali Thapa also delivers a very good performance in the movie. she manages to light up the

screen every time when she is there. Together they both have delivered a beautiful performance in the


Onir as a director has beautifully directed the entire movie. He has used the song Pehla Nasha in a

phenomenal way and thus the beauty of the song has made the movie one of the most watched movie

of present times. Onir has definitely presented a beautiful movie which audience will love to watch.

Go watch the movie guys. It is such a light hearted but not to be missed movie.

Rating – 4.5/5

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