Kuldip Patwal : I Didn’t do it

Kuldip Patwal : I Didn’t do it

Director : Remy Kohli

Cast : Deepak Dobriyal, Raima Sen, Gulshan Devaiya, Parvin Davas

Duration : 2 Hours 8 Minutes

Review :

Kuldip Patwal’s life goes out of the place when he sees that he is arrested on the charges of

assassinating Chief Minister of the country. And wait he is not a big icon. He is only a simple middle class

person who manages to make his both ends meet with his relatively low income. Over the top of that he

has many lost opportunities in his life for which he is trying to struggle and then are the family struggles

which we all deal through. In between all this he is seen behind bars and the charges levied on him are

quite serious.

Sounds interesting right? Well, yes the movie begins on a very interesting note but what proceeds ahead

is not that great. And that is what happens with most of the Bollywood movies. You begin the movie on

a hope help extremely high and then the movie falls flat. Thus, audience are excited and waiting for

something worth watching to come up and that way the movie comes to an abrupt end.

As per the script of the movie goes it is highly confusing. The script and the story moves back and forth

and you find yourself struggling with the story and it’s pace. Another problem with the story and plot is

that writers have tried to add maximum content and data in the movie with no focus on the execution

part. And that is what has made the movie quite pathetic and boring to watch. A strong storyline which

begins with a huge promise but later on it displeases the audience like anything.

Even the remaining characters of the movie like Parduman Shahpuri (Gulshan devaiya) has got his part

correct. He is playing the role of not so modest lawyer whose only motto in life is to work for the

upliftment for the farmers. He maintains and adds an element of humour in the entire movie and that

makes the movie a survival grace till the end. Parvin Davas who is essaying the role of a young leader is

not at all convincing. May be he need to brush his skills more before he steps into his next movie. And

then comes the bong lady Raima sen. She plays the role of Simrat Varun Chadha and here she has done

fair justice to her character. She is playing the role of the widow of a strong and well known man and

thus you can see the humility yet strong character in her role.

Overall, the movie had all the correct ingredients to make it a great movie but even then the execution

is the part where it suffered the most. The elements and deep layers of Kuldip Patwal’s character is

shown is beautiful. He is playing the role of a diverse person and that is being aptly portrayed on the

screen. I believe he is the only saving grace in the movie and because of him the movie is worth

watching for.

So, my final words are if you don’t have anything to do on the weekend and dying to watch a movie then

only go for it else you can skip it easily. Or if you are trying to save some bucks then just wait the movie

will hit the TV very soon and then you can watch easily sitting in the comforts of your home.

Finally, watch or waste your money at your own risk.

Rating : 2/5

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