Nana Patekar Wiki

Nana Patekar Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Wife, Net Worth

 Nana Patekar Wiki, Age, Height,
Biography, Wife, Net Worth


Nana Patekar is a well-known Indian actor who is an acclaimed filmmaker in Hindi and Marathi

cinema. His artwork is amazing and leaves him with many gifts. He has won numerous awards

including the Filmfare Nation. Awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for his work in

Parinda in 1989. He also won many Filmfare Awards for his outstanding work in the film

industry. A positive entertainer with a solid voice and high acceptance is Nana Patekar.

Working conspicuously in the Hindi and Marathi Film Industry, the radiant star has given some

force pack motion pictures to his fans. Working in the Film Industry, since 1978, Nana Patekar

has consistently given exhibitions, which have blown some people's minds and made

individuals talk about the exchange conveyance and the profundity of the substance in real life.


Nana Patekar has explored different avenues regarding his jobs with regards to films. He has

done a periodic reprobate job, yet has likewise played a saint in the vast majority of his movies.

He played a no-show, betting child in Krantiveer (1994), an undershirt in Agni Sakshi (1996), a

not too sharp dad in Khamoshi: The Musical (1996) and a schizophrenic in Wajood (1998). Now

and again during his profession, it was noticed that he was an embodiment of the "irate

youngster" job and that he was appropriate for such jobs and would convey it on as a trailblazer

of Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun Chakraborty. However, he was additionally ideal for a portion

of the terrible jobs that he has done. By giving a decent exhibition in Apaharan, for which he got

the Filmfare Best Villain Award just as the Star Screen Award Best Villain.


Personal Background

Born in murud-janjira In the Raigad region, Maharashtra, his father was an entrepreneur named

Rajan and Patekar and his mother Nirmala Patekar had two brothers Ashok and Dilip Patekar.

He also graduated from Sir of Apply Arts, Mumbai.



In his film career, he acted as a hero as well as villain. He played both roles excellently. He did

many roles in Marathi movies. He also won several awards for the best performances of him in

the movie Parinda, he won his first National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor and Best

Supporting Actor Award for Filmfare. Well, besides his acting career, he's also a very good

singer. in 1998 and Aanch in 2003


Nana Patekar Personal biography:

● Date of birth – January 1, 1951

● Age – 67 years

● Place of birth – Murud-Janjira, Maharashtra, India

● Religion – Hinduism

● Marital status – Married


Nana Patekar Body Measurements:

● Height in inches – 5 '7 ”

● Height in meters – 1. 52 m

● Weight in KG – 76 kg


Nana Patekar Wife

If you are a fan of Nana Patekar, how do you know him well? Do you know that there is a failed

marriage? Know but her son will make Rs 750 per month while earning Rs 2,500 per month.

Then he said, 'Do whatever work you want to do. I know that if you do not do this today, you will

have to make some money tomorrow. This incredible love and support He was 27 years old

when he got married, and soon the couple blessed his first child. A year later, Nana Patekar's

father died. Life has never been easy for him since then.

Notwithstanding a few difficulties in their way, the couple remained together for quite a while.

Afterwards, they understood that they were not very much coordinated and thus went for a

separation. Following two-and-half long periods of his dad's passing, Nana lost his child. The

entertainer has experienced such a great amount to get where he is today. He is likewise an

incredible social specialist and had connected with workers in the extreme dry season. He is a

particularly unassuming and rational character, everybody ought to gain from him.


Nana Patekar Charity

After working odd jobs like painting movie posters and pedestrian crossings on the roads, Nana

Patekar has surely wowed audiences with her powerful acting skills. He has become one of the

most outstanding actors in the Indian film fraternity, he has also become one of the most


generous celebrities in the market Your jaws will drop at what he has made to help the

underprivileged and it is surely breathtaking and The Welcome star has donated almost 90% of

her total income to charities, mainly to drought-stricken farmers.


Nana Patekar Family

He was born to Dinkar Patekar and Sanjanabai Patekar. He has two brothers named Dilip

Patekar and Ashok Patekar. He was married to Neelakanti Patekar and has a son named

Malhar Patekar.


Mr Patekar a military man

Nana had done a three-year armed force preparing a program for his film 'Prahaar' and was

given the privileged position of Captain. Post his film's shoot, he supposedly returned and

served in the military during the Kargil war. Presently you know why he is a particularly focused

and inflexible character.


Nana's affection for cooking

Nana is an effective cook and truly loves to prepare various foods. He is one of those couple of

geniuses who loves to prepare his food and is likewise known to get his companion’s unique

platters that he attempts now and then.


Nana's humanitarian works for ranchers

Nana Patekar himself is a rancher and keeps a homestead where he develops wheat, rice, and

so on He supposedly sells the product and gives the cash to destitute ranchers. He has likewise

skilled sewing machines to the widows of the ranchers who had ended it all. He helped just

about 62 families by giving Rs 15,000 to each in Latur.


The Naam Foundation


Established in 2015, Naam Foundation was begun by Nana Patekar and his kindred entertainer

Makarand Anaspure. This establishment works for the advancement of ranchers in the dry spell

inclined territories of Vidarbha and Marathwada in the province of Maharashtra, India.

It targets supporting poor people and destitute ranchers and kills the obstructions of class,

doctrine, network, race or religion that comes in the way. NAAM assists the ranchers ethically,

monetarily or in some other method to deflect them from ending it all and make them certain

and independent. It additionally bolsters learning for the offspring of the ranchers through the

honour of grants and so forth It underpins the self-destruction influenced family by giving them

Rs. 15,000 as an activity sum. For the widows, sewing machines, flour factories, masala plants,

goats are dispersed with the goal that they can begin a family unit business and begin acquiring. ​​

Over and over, absence of downpour and unsure storm designs have unfavourably influenced

the ranchers in a few locales of our nation. A large number of ranchers decide to take their lives

and there is by all accounts no limit to this. Nana and Makrand with NAAM remain steadfast in

securing the ranchers; they together have stretched out monetary assistance to many families.

As of March 2016, NAAM embraced 6 towns to change them into created and self-supported

towns. The establishment is working relentlessly for the general improvement of ranchers and

destitute individuals in Maharashtra.

NAAM's central goal is to construct a general public that is economical and reformist. It expects

to accomplish it by encouraging advancement in provincial territories by chipping away at

various issues like foundation, work, training, food, etc. NAAM trusts India can be a superpower

later on just if our towns create and get independent.

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