Qala Movie Review

Qala Movie Review

Qala Movie Review


Qala Movie Cast: Triptii Dimri, Babil Khan, Swastika Mukherjee, Sameer Kochhar, Amit Sial, Girija Oak


Genre: Music, History, Drama


Director: Anvita Dutt


Writer: Anvita Dutt


Producers: Anuskha Sharma, Karnesh Ssharma


Qala Movie Release Date: 1 Dec 2022


Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes/ 119 Minutes


Releasing Platform: Netflix


Critics Ratings:

IMDB: 7.2/ 10

Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

Common Sense Media: ⅖

Google: 95%

India Today: 2.5/ 5

Indian Express: 2.5/ 5

Times of India: 3.5/ 5



The storyline of the much-praised Bollywood film Qala revolves around a talented singer, who is haunted by her past. If you are a music lover and appreciate various forms of musical notes, then you are going to love this movie. There are so many picturesque scenes where you will come across Hoogly bridge, Himachal Highlands, and some vintage Culcutta scenes throughout the movie. 


Talented Writer-Director Anvita Dutta has managed to tell the story of Qala through an amazing storyline and directing. The primary characters of the film are very interesting and come out as something new to Bollywood as it covers a musical journey with some unique twists and turns. The story of a talented girl who resembles herself a cuckoo and is torn between reality and expectations. The film Qala is worth watching as you will come across so many surprises and pleasant melodies too. 


Needless to say, the debut cast including late Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan’s son Babil Khan is also in the film Qala. 


Qala Movie Story 

The backdrop of the movie Qala is set in the pre-independence era and contains many interesting characters in it. The story movie revolves around Qala – a gifted young vocalist who starts her playback singing journey and gains unbelievable fame for her work. But even after everything that she achieves, there are so many things by which she has been haunted. There’s her past and then there’s her approval-seeking antagonizing mother. The titular role of Qala is played by Tripti Dimri whereas her mother’s role – Urmila is played by Swastika Mukherjee.


Qala soon starts receiving lots of work for her playback singing and becomes one of those most demanding singers. But, along with that, it results in her destruction, through various aspects of her life. With such incidents shaping the storyline, users have also been sympathizing with the leading character as her journey becomes quite the difficult and painful one. 


At one point in the movie Qala, there were certain scenes where a doctor diagnosed Qala with something strange. When she was in her mother’s womb, she ingested her twin brother and his nutrition. 


Her mother also used to be a Thumri musician, a traditional type of music, but she was past her prime and now she wanted her daughter to do and achieve everything that she could not. Qala is always scolded by her mother who accuses her daughter of not working hard enough. Her mother even locks Qala to freeze in the snow outside. 

There was a performance where only a few people showed up and then she was upstaged by a new boy, Jagan. 


The film Qala stars Babil Khan as Jagat Batwal, who is an orphan and soon, Qala starts to become jealous of his skills and fame. In a flashback, there was an incident where Urmila tries to marry off Qala with Jagan but Qala refuses to do so. 


There was a party hosted by Qala’s mother in which there were so many celebrities and other influential personalities. Jagan was all set to perform and mesmerize everyone through his voice, but on the contrary, he falls sick and Qala sings at that party. That results in everyone being impressed by Qala. Here Jagan gets sicker whereas Qala seduces Sumant Kumar to get a chance to record a song, replacing Jagan of course. 


Unfortunately, Jagan ends up hanging himself in the forest, but before that, he goes to Qala to talk. On the next day, Qala finds his corpse hanging, and then Urmila and Qala end up in a massive fight. Both of them were quite angry and started accusing each other regarding their past. At one point, Qala calls her mother Courtesan and as a result, gets herself forbidden from returning to her mother’s home. 


While there was a recording session going on, she can not start singing. There was the 11th take but even with that, she could not get rid of her nervousness. After remembering Jagan, she finally completed the recording session. Later onwards, Qala goes on seeing Jagan’s visions during various scenarios. She also had a flashback where she was with Jagan and was living in a perfect world!


Soon, she tries to kill herself with a sleeping pills overdose. The doctor calls her mother and informs her of Qala’s condition. Upon knowing about Qala’s attempt to suicide, her mother comes to Calcutta. Unfortunately, she finds Qala who has hanged herself. In the end, her mother was listening to Qala’s vinyl and goes on crying….


The film Qala also has a cameo role played by Anushka Sharma as an actress.  


Qala Movie Review

Both of them have done a fabulous job and played their characters with the best possible skills. Along with them, there is Babil Khan – late Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan’s son – it is his debut Bollywood film. 


Qala has been highly appreciated for leading characters, actors who played those roles, and more. The direction, visual style, cinematography, soundtracks along with writing has also been much appreciated by viewers as well as critics. 


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